Types of Work Order Requests

Need light bulbs or ballasts installed or replaced.

Additional keys or alterations to locks. Upon initial occupancy Tenants will receive two keys per lockset to their suite.  Additional keys can be purchased from Property Management for a nominal fee. Requests for lock work should also be made to Property Management.

Card Keys
To order additional access cards or deactivate a current card. Please notify the Property Management office, particularly when an employee leaves your practice. Currently there is no charge to replace a lost access card.

Hot/cold calls or additional HVAC after-hours.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the building operate Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, the HVAC system is controlled suite-by-suite, so the hours can be adjusted to accommodate individual operating times.

If at any time during working hours you experience uncomfortable temperatures within your suite, put through a Work Order Request or contact the Property Management office for assistance.

The following tips will help manage the temperature regulation, allow the HVAC equipment to operate more efficiently, and save energy:

1. Turn off all lights in areas that are not in use. 

2. Consider closing blinds/drapes when in direct sunlight or on exceptionally hot days.

3. Do not place computers, desk lamps, or other heat sources next to a thermostat.

Should you require extended hours for heating and cooling, please contact the Property Management office prior to 3:00 p.m. The current charge is $30 per hour, subject to adjustment based on costs and market rates. This adjustment of hours can be arranged as a one-time request or an ongoing change. All requests received after 3:00 p.m. incur a $30 service charge.

Janitorial Services
Cleaning of non-standard improvements or disposal of large items.

Janitorial services are provided Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. If you require cleaning of non-standard improvements (e.g., parquet floors, glass partitions), or have any special cleaning requests (e.g., carpet shampooing or stripping/waxing of vinyl floors), please issue a Work Order Request to the Property Management office.

The janitorial staff is instructed to empty and dispose of everything found in trash and recycling containers, without regard for their content. For your own protection, please do not use trash or recycling receptacles/boxes as storage containers. We cannot guarantee that items stored in this manner will not be mistaken for trash.

All kitchen/coffee area waste containers are lined with plastic liners daily to assure that coffee grounds, food, and other “wet garbage” are disposed of properly. Please refrain from placing these types of trash in containers other than those properly lined.

If you have boxes to be disposed of, please flatten them, stack them within your office space and clearly mark them “trash” or “recycle.” You can make special arrangements for the disposal of large boxes or large quantities of boxes by contacting the Property Management office. At no time should boxes, trash or excess materials/equipment of any kind be left in the hallways, lobbies, or any area designated as a fire exit. Large items and cardboard may be put by the freight elevator after 5:00 p.m. for janitor pick-up.

Property Management offers delivery and pick up of large garbage and recycling bins for a nominal charge. If your office is planning a large cleaning project, please make arrangements for this service with the Property Management office.

Recycling & Composting
Request for recycle boxes or compost bins.

Wright Runstad & Company has instituted a building-wide recycling program for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum products used on the premises. Property Management provides you with as many receptacles as you need (small desk-side boxes for paper and cardboard and larger boxes for plastic and aluminum that require liners). 

Composting services are also available at the building. For details regarding container size, signage, and program tips, please contact the Property Management office. 

The recycling and composting items are collected by the janitorial service provider, put in special bins located in the loading dock area, and removed regularly by a waste disposal contractor. Please place your recyclable items in the specially marked containers provided for this purpose. Do not mix recyclable materials with general trash and other forms of waste. 

For more information about recycling, particularly removal of unusual items like office equipment and electronics, contact the Property Management office.

Event/Function Guidelines
Requests for additional services, Security, parking, trash removal, etc.

If you are planning a special event/function (e.g., party, reception, fundraiser), please notify the Property Management office in advance. The Property Management office maintains certain policies and procedures that assist in coordinating the event, limit liability of the building, and provide for the safety of all visitors and guests. The Property Management office may ask for the following: date and time of event, number of guests, presence of alcohol, parking requirements, overtime HVAC requirements, service elevator use, janitorial needs, electrical requirements (for sound equipment), security requirements, and Certificates of Insurance. No function may be held in the common area or on the grounds without prior Property Management approval.