Moving Instructions

All Tenant moves—into, out of, or within the building—must be coordinated with the Property Management office. Please notify the Property Management office of your proposed moving date. The moving contractor should also contact the Property Management office so that use of the freight elevator can be scheduled, access cards can be issued if necessary, and Security can be notified.

We require that all moves be undertaken during non-business hours to simplify access to the building and minimize any inconvenience to Tenants. The Property Management office will attempt to accommodate your schedule in every way possible if a non-business hour move is not achievable.

The moving contractor must provide evidence of liability insurance coverage which meets the requirements of contractors working in the building at least five (5) days prior to the day of the move.

Wright Runstad & Company requires that the moving contractor provide protection for building carpets, walls and elevators during loading and unloading. If the Tenant is not using a moving contractor, Property Management will provide assistance in coordinating the use of the elevator and protection of carpets. The suite occupant will be held responsible for any damage caused by the occupant and/or occupant’s moving company during any move or delivery into, out of or within the building.

Moving companies and vendors must remove their boxes from the premises after deliveries. At no time should boxes, trash or excess materials/equipment of any kind be left in the hallways, lobbies, freight elevator lobby, or any area designated as a fire exit.

Moving Procedures
Review Loading Dock and Freight Elevator polices before planning any move into, within, or out of the building.

Schedule the use of the freight elevator by contacting the Property Management office at 206-224-1201 well in advance of the move. This is a very busy dock and reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.

Moving “start time” means arrival time on-site. Moving trucks may park in the loading dock and begin staging for the move no earlier than 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and at 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

In consideration of other Tenant moves, please do not book the freight elevator for longer than needed. If moving schedules change, contact the Property Management office with revisions.

Leave the keys to your vehicle in the Security Office on the loading dock. Your vehicle may be moved by building staff to maintain operations. Only one vehicle may be unloaded/loaded on the dock at one time.

Tenants must provide a telephone number in the building where they can be reached during the move. Provide a cellular phone or pager number whenever possible.

Please be respectful of express delivery companies (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and building service providers (staff, Security, janitorial, etc.) that require a ride on the freight elevator. These deliveries and services are time-sensitive for all Tenants. Be sure to share a ride whenever possible.

The Seattle Fire Code requires that all means of egress from the building be kept clear of obstruction materials. A clear pedestrian passageway four feet wide must be kept in the loading dock corridor and doorway at all times.

Protective floor and wall coverings must be provided in building common areas when moving furniture or equipment into, out of, or within the building. Masonite sheets must be used when moving items over floor surfaces. Damage to the carpets, doors, door jambs, corners, walls, elevators, or other building fixtures will be repaired by the Property Management office and billed to the Tenant.

All move arrangements (date, time, Tenant name, mover's name, etc.) will be documented in writing utilizing a security pass down. Copies of the pass down request form are available to the vendor and Tenant upon request. Verbal requests for freight elevator moves will not be accepted.